Monday, January 07, 2008


Alright…here are the things I am finding the most difficult about being a quitter.

1. Changing ones schedule. For almost 25 years now smoking has fit into my schedule, I made sure of it. Now what do I fill that time with that will not make me feel negative?
To solve this problem will be easier now that school is back in and I actually have somewhat of a schedule….today instead of dropping Britt off and going back to bed or sitting here at the computer wishing for a cigarette…I took a shower, and prepared for the day…spending extra time pampering myself…As for the rest of the day…I am not sure what I will fit into those “breaks” but I will figure it out.

So it seems quitting is like losing weight…many many life style changes needed to accomplish the task of quitting…

2. What to do with my hands…at home this is not a problem…but in the car it is craziness. I hold my lighter in my hand…tap it on the steering wheel or just “flick the bic” somehow this makes my dumb brain think it got what it wanted…silly brain.

3. Healing the itchy burring skin from those stupid “glue on cigarettes” in the shape of an ugly band aid!! Gave them up quick…and those chalky (sp?) cigarettes they try to hide in the form of a breath mint….don’t go there! (I got lots left if anyone wants to try them…ewww!)

Now for some of the things that have made me feel good and assisted me in this quitter process…the “not homeless anymore” man that wished Brittany a Happy New Year and let her know he is “no longer homeless”. I am so happy for him and I hope it all works out.

My Grandmas comment to me about my home and family…it made my year to hear…what more does one need than the compliments of ones Grandma.

The need to compensate the insulin rush caused from smoking (eating) has finally subsided. I am sleeping better, and actually dreaming again and remembering them…must have something to do with NOT waking up wanting to smoke every hour.

I do not feel much different in the respiratory department…and I refuse to read the manual on “Health bennys for quitting.” What ever will be will be…I just want money for a darn vacation before it will be!!!

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:45 AM) : 

Sounds like you have come around the corner, not having ever tried seriously to quit I do not know what you are going through, but they say changing habits and rituals is the most important. Start the car, light up. sity in front of the computer, light up. Wake up, light up. After eating, light up. If a person could eliminate one of these triggers each day, in less than a month the triggers would be gone. Got to go, I always light up after making a comment.


Blogger Heidi said ... (6:43 AM) : 

Morning sister !!! Missing you!


Blogger Stan said ... (11:46 AM) : 

Where is the Lady Buff?


Blogger Heidi said ... (8:49 AM) : 

So did you quit Blogging too?


Blogger RangerBill said ... (6:52 PM) : 

who is in the buff, huh, huh


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