Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why Not??

Mat Su Dairy closing down...In Wasilla...New Prison going up...In Wasilla...hmmm???

Does anyone else see the answer here? Okay let me see...cows make milk...old milk cows make need to sell their mass quantities of milk or the environmentalist will freak out when it gets dumped into the lakes and streams or is rotting in the tundra....Arizona wants us to take on our own bad guys...we have no where to put them...New Prison in Wasilla planned...large dairy needs why not?

IF they built that prison around that dairy...prisoners could run it. They could be educated to run the billing side...although maybe not trusted...but a "peudo program" could be set up that did not allow them access to the money but still gave the book keeping experience...they would have to clean the dairy...therefore they would learn about environmental issues and health codes.

There would be a need for poop clean up...the dudes being punished for bad behavior could get this job...what worse torture than being shackled and only being able to move slowly while you shovel poo with your hands cuffed in a hot cow stall.....ewwww.....

What I see in this is a better chance for that damn "rehab" everyone claims is possible...which I believe is true in most cases. This would also provide the prisoners with the ability to support them selves while helping others and working on a team. A BIG self esteem booster. (My mouse is dead darn it!) What I also see is a financial break on our taxes...What I also see is a bunch of uneducated people being educated so when they get will not be so hard to come by. With the help of a Major University in our area...and an income to help themselves...they would be at least ready to work a real job when they got out...and once again...this is a BIG boost on someones self esteem...maybe a way to lower our crime rate??

Now to figure out how to use the key board to get to that darn publish post button down there...

nope not that key steal the batteries out of the Wii that is how I will do it....

Comments on "Why Not??"


Blogger Stan said ... (10:23 AM) : 

Good concept, a lot of prisons have that program, prison farms have been around for some time for those that are not considered dangerous. As for "rehab", don't agree totally. For first or second time offenders, "rehab" is possible, however for those third and more repeat offenders, they cannot or will mnot rehabilitate.


Blogger Shana said ... (10:40 AM) : 

The rehab comment I agree with...some end up in prison because of ignorance and loss of hope...others because they are just evil!


Blogger Stan said ... (11:58 AM) : 

Why don't we just get rid of those that have been on death row for over ten years, that should open up a bunch of extra cells since there is a shortage and look a the money it would save. Do it on a basis of (1) Child abusers 20 Pts (2) Rapist 15 Pts (3) Terrorist 10 pts (4) Murder 9 Pts) (5) Three time felons 8 Pts. the higher the total points, the faster you go to the head of the line. Might want to add to the list any judge that has released a time child murderer and abuser from jail.


Blogger Heidi said ... (4:44 PM) : 

I believe they have a work program in effect... or they cut it a few years ago. It might have been with Mat-Maid, come to think of it... that deserves some research.


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