Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Hubby

Well the poor man gets jewed out of a birthday every year...that is what happens when you are born to close to Christmas.

This year he gets "Thanksgiving Dinner"....see I missed the turkey soup...and wanted left over I am using his birthday as a good excuse to make a big dinner. He will come home to the time to take a shower as I have plans for the kids to be doing the cake decorating, much more exciting than tackling dad I hope.

I will have a cold beer and the remote ready for him as I am sure after turkey and a couple cold beers he will be sleeping soundly in front of the rodeo or some other competitive to figure out a way to keep Melissa off the poor guy for just one night.

Being a work night, and Anna having a new boy who takes her to dinner we will probably just be us....that is ok cuz then there is more cake for me...hehe...I mean Eric...

Saving our energy for Christmas, and being stingy with the turkey...hehe (hey I should not admit tha,t sorry) plus Jack and Wanda called today to let Eric know his birthday present is THEM....yes they are venturing up to Anchorage tomorrow to see him for his I have to share the soup...(again I hoped to be stingy...sorry)

I am not telling you what his gifts are, just that he will actually get some this year...only because it is a good excuse to get him something he realy needs in a very bad way......

Have a good day all and do not freeze your tushies out there

Happy Birthday Baby (even though I know he will not read this)

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Blogger Stan said ... (3:27 PM) : 

You mean it is his birthday?~ I didn't know that, hmmmmm I guess,if I must, Happy Birthday Eric! And, that is no Buffalo bull _ _ _ _!! Now can we talk about something more important, did anyone notice that the big turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, had no legs! I wonder how he ever walked around? Happy Birthday, Eric and if by chance you want to get us something for your birthday, you might try updating your blog site, I mean like it will only take up five minutes of your Mobster time. If you get a chance and find someone coming south, I could surely use like to have you return my air compressor, I got some building to do before it starts snowing, I also need to get some air in my tires and your mother in law wants me to put some more pressure in the water pressure tank.


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