Sunday, December 14, 2008

Division Twisters

Read each tongue twister below then solve the division problems....

1. Six slithering, slimy snails sniffed sixty-six savory sausages and proceeded to slurp them all. If equally divided, how many savory sausages did each slithering, slimy snail slurp?

2. Four famous frogs flipped five times when they saw fifty-five frosty freezes. If the famous frogs sipped equally the fifty-five freezes, how many frosty freezes did each famous frog sip?

3. Eight elegant elephants ate eighty-eight great, green grapes. How many great, green grapes did each elegant elephant eat?

4. Four fabulous fish found forty-four foaming, frothing figs at the bottom of the pond. If the four fabulous fish equally divided the foaming, frothing figs, how many did each fabulous fish consume?

5. Nine nanny goats knitted a total of ninety-nine nifty napkins. If the nine nanny's knitted an equal number of nifty napkins, how many nifty napkins did each nanny goat knit?

BONUS: Thirty-three thirsty thrushes each flew three miles to get a drink. How many miles did each thirsty thrush fly?

Comments on "Division Twisters"


Blogger Stan said ... (8:03 PM) : 

Well, one would assume the common denominator is eleven in each case, however,in the case of the frogs the common denominator is 13.75. Consequently, the data is flawed and has no common denominator equal to the whole scenario. Therefore the final analysis reveals that I have no concept of how many slimy slugs were trampled by the eight elegant elephants that happened to slip in a spilled frosty freeze and then fell in the pond with the four fabulous fish and what the hell are the frothing figs doing in the lake, for that matter what is a frothing fig?


Blogger Shana said ... (12:15 PM) : 

had I not typoed multi tasking bed time stories and blogging the answer to all 5 of the questions is 11....guess which one I "type oed"?


Blogger Stan said ... (3:15 PM) : 

What did I win?


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