Sunday, March 08, 2009

To Joshy, with lots of love Loulou

Josh I know you may or may not read this....but if enough others do and feel your sisters love hopefully you will too...

Melissa misses the boys quite a bit. She talks of them often but has just recently realized where Josh actually is, thanks to public television...they interviewed the men at war on PBS...and show brief clips of fathers saying hello to their children...after watching this she was full of questions that were very tough to answer. Retreating to her room she asked for "time out". I assumed she needed to deal with the emotions and questions in her little head...when she came out she had spent that time writing Josh a "letter", the first time I have seen her put letters to words and words to a sentence. When I told her I could read what she wrote she returned to her room and came back with the above....Now these little guys can connect to the internet and she knows it and asked me to send this to him...after forty minutes of trying to do it we took a picture of it instead.

So josh if your out there and have the chance to read this....feel deep in your heart...your sister awaits you there with a lot of love, hope, and dreams for when you come home. We love you lots son....and for those that were never trained in "sound writing" (one of our national school district screw ups several years ago) the above says...."I SEE YOU IN MY HEART"

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Blogger Stan said ... (1:31 PM) : 

I read her message very clearly, perhaps because it is the same way I write. Never be fooled what little minds can grasp and hold onto without ever letting it be known. Good to see you out and about in blogland. Noticed you visited several sites, leaving notes. Don't know if you have discovered it yet or not, but I have a new site that you may want to see, Harritage. You can link from either of my other sites. Perhaps, you will find something that you will want to click, print, and save for the future. The postings on that site are intended as narratives to be added to the family book. See you in a few days. luv u.


Blogger Stan said ... (1:44 PM) : 

I forgot, with the big race starting in just a few minutes. Have you come across the GPS tracking site for the Iditirod Race this year. All teams are going to be carrying one this year. If you find it, let me know.


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