Thursday, November 13, 2008

Atlantic City

Now this town has Trumps name all over it....and the casinos are also we can gamble while the kids that is the recipe for bankruptcy....
This is the "Rich and Famous" entrance....need to watch more TV as the only person i recognized getting out of one of the many limos was Madonna...and I would not have known it was her if she was not the entertainment this evening...thought I saw "Tator Salad" at the bar...but you had to have money to get into that diamond crusted room....the big money slot room...

There were many other casinos in Atlantic City...but Trumps was the fanciest. He got 40 bucks off us and we were out of to window shop at the places I have only read about in books and saw on telivision....did you know that the rich will pay 160 bucks for a stroller for their dog!...they would not let me take a picture of you will have to google it...but I am not kidding...the store was nothing but Dog accessories...and they were not cheap...nor very practical...unless Dutch needs a diamond studded stroller.....Mac would not fit...

Coming home this time change is gonna get me. I am ready to come home...but I still have to go to Washington and New to booking tours we will head to the Big Apple tommorrow Washington on Saturday...we hope to return to Atlantic City on Sunday as it was raining and foggy...all the way to the Atlantic Ocean and I could not even see it....go figure.

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Blogger Stan said ... (8:01 PM) : 

$40.00 investment for no return, that is not bad. It usually takes me several hundred dollars to do that well. Love those casinos!


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