Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Wanna know whats happening with the Iditarod...well me too...that is why I am still up. Reading the official Iditarod site news releases I have been informed that if you have two dogs in the basket of your sled...and they are sitting on the GPS tracking device, the signal will be disrupted and lost. It also appears that quite frequently the musher's are out of the satellite area and one must be sure to check the time their signal was last transmitted. So on that note I now know how these mushers cover several miles in minutes...I must remember to check the time. It does appear that Lance raced right through McGrath about twenty minutes ago....Jeff King and Kjetil Backen right behind him...there is a prize award to the first musher to make it to McGrath...wonder who has it? Wish the official web site were a bit faster in their postings...

So with the race a third of the way over it does not appear that any of the mushers have taken their mandentory rest...I hear that Ophir is famous for their pies and quite frequently the choice of lay over spots...located just a few miles from McGrath...

Wonder what kind of pies...mmmm....I like pie.

So it is 40 degrees at 11:30pm here in LA...rain flowing down the icy road in front of my house...maybe it will be pavement in the morning...or maybe it will be snow...Either way...it will be a mess.

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Blogger Shana said ... (11:33 PM) : 

It is official...Lance Mackey was the first musher to check in and check out of Mcgrath....


Blogger Stan said ... (9:02 AM) : 

Pie, did I tell you that your mother made two rubarb cream pies just yesterday. Have not cut into them yet, still finishing up the big bowl of bread puddingthat she made, got and replicated the recipe from where we had dinner the other night, including the rum sauce! Good stuff. Oh yea, it appears they ae flying thjrough the course this year - got to look at Mackey he is in good shape and running his typical race, fast!


Blogger Stan said ... (9:11 AM) : 

As of 9:02 am, Seavey and Neff are out of Takotna earlier this morning. Mackey and 11 other mushers are still in Takotna.


Blogger Shana said ... (12:05 PM) : 

they are smart and taking their mandatory rest at a spot where there is fresh hot pie....HELLO!!

Those other bozos will have to settle for fish...but I bet they are hoping for the bag of gold...hehe...well I know what is gonna happen...cuz they still have to stop before then...or they wont have time after...what a better time to take your last mandatory rest then after you have been handed a bag of gold...and still have a fresh pie tucked in the sled.


Blogger Da Bears said ... (12:44 PM) : 

Race strategy #1: Find a bunny or coyote or some other critter and duct tape that two pound gps tracker to its back!


Blogger Da Bears said ... (12:47 PM) : 

Race stragity #2: Martin Buser said last year sled dogs LOVE peanut butter and jelly beans.


Blogger Shana said ... (2:01 PM) : 

gee and I had suggested taping it to a tree...or sneaking into someone else's sled...lol


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