Thursday, February 21, 2008


It really is funny how life works. How one day you think things are one way and the next there not...In the last few days things have been a bit weird around here...With the murder of a friend, Anna coming home, her grandfather dying right after she gets back, Crystal came back, Josh is getting ready to leave, they are getting married, and well it just seems that each day holds another event that will continue to keep life would not want to get stagnant this time of year.

So the ice is slick...and the water on it during the day does not help...but I am still hoping to do the Rhondy this weekend...

That is after I go to the DMV and get my license expired on my birthday....last year. Procrastination...but I better do it now...or they will make me retake the test on Monday....hehe one year....Now I will behave the rest of my life Kay?

The kids have asked to get married on my birthday...granted there are some outer forces hurrying this along...and no it is not could ask them to wait...but what a better way to make sure he never forgets my birthday...

So Monday February 25th...I will get a daughter in law for my present...cant say as I mind...they make a good pair...and have tested the "thicker and thin" part of the vows with great success...I know that these two will forever be each others best friend...GOD grant them the courage, faith, and wisdom to make each year better than the last.....

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Blogger Stan said ... (1:35 AM) : 

Murder of a friend? It was very nice of Josh to call me this eveing and give us the news as well as asking me the question that he did. I have always liked Crystal, she is always friendly and polite. I surely do hope that it works for them, they have a lot invested and I am sure if their plans work out, they will be o.k. As in all marriages, they just have to remember that it takes a lot of work and be willing to compromise. In one of your comments, you mentioned "surprise" and I had not figured it out until the phone call tonight. Let your drivers license expire! You are a violator! I hope you have to take the driving test and the written test! Mine expired three years ago, but so did my registration so, but I have bene real busy and just have not had the time. You should not have to have a licnese after you become eligible for Social Security.


Blogger j, d plumma said ... (2:08 AM) : 

...or be able to spell - even though the 'checker is here, too...


Blogger Heidi said ... (7:09 AM) : 

your license is more expired then a year... I swear it was a year ago you got your ticket for driving without a license.... remember???

So what day do I take off work?? Monday or Tues?


Blogger Stan said ... (10:37 AM) : 

I keep hearing about a spell check for comments, after two years I have not been able to locate it - could someone thatis computer literate point it out to me so Plumma will be happy - he should have been a damm english teacher.


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