Friday, February 29, 2008

Iditarod 2008

Tomorrow the musher's line up on fourth avenue....just the way I remember them from my childhood. I will be lining the street also in hopes of learning something new as well as to enjoy the thrill of sending these musher's off on the ceremonial start of the biggest sled dog race in Alaska.

As I prepare for our adventure tomorrow morning I cant help but remember the reason for this great race. A race of time...a rampant virus killing many in the hardest time of the year for transportation. A medical cure for many racing the elements of nature one man guided by a team of dogs...who knew their way amazing story really...but for now...I must go to and dog racing on fourth avenue for me tomorrow....and hot cocoa in what used to be a Navy recruiting office...

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:40 AM) : 

We did have some good seats for all the dog races while in Anchroage. I remember one race, all the recruiters and their familes gatered at the office to watch the races and a afternoon pot luck. I guess we must have had the first "tail gate party" in dog sledding history. Have a trivia question for you, "Where did the original Iditirod Trail start?"


Blogger Shana said ... (7:39 PM) : 

Seward to Nome...a mail came out...mail and supplies went in...then in 1925 the Diphtheria out break in Nome made the trail famous as many musher's attempted to get the anti viral medicine up team succeeded with a musher in the sled hurt....a famous kids movie was made from this race...but why did they put the dogs statue in New York City????


Blogger Stan said ... (10:27 PM) : 

You are correct - since you are so sharp on Alaska Trivia, where was gold first discovered in Alaska?


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