Friday, February 22, 2008

Dimmest Recess of America

Maybe she was blond??

and the states dumbest Halloween Tricksters...back in the paper...

Someone please read this boring political article and let me know what it says...thanks.

So Happy Friday Everyone....and remember...if you find a gun....DON'T POINT IT AT YOUR HEAD!

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Blogger j, d plumma said ... (1:07 PM) : 

....the article says, plainly, that Young's spending has a request for clarification. A lot of state $ have been spent by this man without reasonable cause or sense. $10 million to Florida for an Interstate Hwy? Why do we pay that, and how was it allowed? His lawyers are a shrewd bunch, I'll bet. Speak no evil - or, anything if you can help it....answers are wanted, but not being given.


Blogger Stan said ... (3:33 PM) : 

In regards to the ADN political article about Rep. Young. Keep in mind,that the ADN tilts heavy to the left and never met a Republican that they like. It is more of a un-paid political ad than anything, thus the reason for the mention of each Democrat running against Young. As for I75 Interstate, with his senority, even though he is in the minority party, he still carries a lot of clout. On the Transportation Committee, he inserted extra funds for I-75 in Florida. The highway serves no real purpose, the local state and county government where the highway is to be constructed is on record as not asking for it and not wanting it. However, the course of I-75 just happens to bisect a large piece of land that is being developed by a friend and contributor to Rep. Young. This is just another one of those reasons that the "earmarks" policy of Congress needs to be stopped. Any Congressman can add an "earmark" for funding a pet project onto any appropriation bill. they can even be added to the bill after it is approved and not taken back to the floor for a re-vote on the total bill. These "earmarks" have been a reason that President Bush has vetoed several bills this year. The rule should be simple, if it is not in the budget, it is not enacted. If an ammendment has no bearing on the bill that is on the floor, it is not allowed. A little line item veto policy for any President would go along way to taking care of these pork barrell projects that normally drive the deficit up and were never included in the budget that is submitted by the President and approved by Congress.


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