Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Need A Life.

Have not a clue what to blog, between house work and children I do nothing exciting...okay so right this second I am arguing with Melissa...she wants NO BOYS in this house except daddy...meaning she wants me to kick out Warren. Oooops here comes plead his case. Now she hits him, he hits her, they both cry to me tattling...I put them out of my room and lock the door. I am in time out....30 seconds have passed...they are still and a half minutes...they are playing again. Now since this has been a routine since we got home...I have exactly 15 minutes until they are back again fighting over gender. You gotta feel sorry for the little man...he is so out numbered by "boy hating girls".
Front yard has been cleaned and is ready for raking...the leaves are slowly coming down. Yesterday I cleaned the shed out...hoping today to winterize the back yard....I am planning a skating rink of my own. Maybe the little guys and gals will like it and play out doors more this winter.
okay the foremen are both screaming at me...time to go attempt to pacify two bored young children who can not stand their mother all they do is whine at me and complain. I need Day care!!!

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Blogger Heidi said ... (8:47 AM) : 

I hope this week goes better for you!


Blogger Tabitha-n-AK said ... (10:08 AM) : 

Oh man I hear ya. I cant figure out what it is I need but I know itis not anymore dishes or laundry. I feel like thats what I do, all I do. Most people probably dont like going to work everyday but what if you slept, ate and worked in the same place with small people who raise their voice to speak to you even if you are in the same 6 inches?

Good luck sister! I feel ya!


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