Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I made my way back to Anchorage yesterday with a heavy heart. Not looking forward to returning to the realities of life I sulked until Sterrling...them began looking for positives...had some issues there until I realized I was going back in time. Trees and plants here in Anchorage are still green and the sun was shining it's welcome home as we rounded the last "arm" of our journey.
My arrival home was uneventful. The lawn is 10 inches high...no one fixed the lawn mower but the garbage was trailored and ready for the dump...and the house was clean...Josh even had dinner on.
Unloading went easy Lou drove the Hummer into the garage and the babies unloaded it into the pantry while Eric and I took care of the rest. A hot bath felt wonderful (but was not a missed amenity with my shower and shanes hot tub!)....and a flush toilet...took me a minute to remember how the thing worked.
My break from "my reality" was nice...not a vacation with the babies along and several commitments to deal with...but the visitors my parents have...the ones that used to change my BIG brothers diapers? THEY ARE SO COOL....AND SHE COOKS!! hehe...don't think my folks have had three squares in years.
Dick and Pat,
Thanks for visiting our red neck family. It was a pleasure re connecting with the past...although I learned in developmental psych...this is a sign of the aging process...I am choosing to look at it as a sign of the "un-aging" process...I do not think I have ever heard the first sentence you spoke to me Pat...and I will never forget it..."You were still in your mama's belly" I do not ever think of myself as ever being in that position...and well after you said it...I felt more roots grow...someone out there knew where I came from...hehe. Guess my "I was adopted theory is out now." Any way...Wonderful people you are...and I am looking forward to the next pot of pssketti.....oh wait..this is a blog...not a letter...
the two people above....helped me walk farther back in to my past than I have ever been able too...and I had never met them in person...but...I felt a connection...and they put the cherry on the trip...okay the psskettin in the pot...but mmmm mmm good.

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Blogger Stan said ... (11:48 PM) : 

I knew you before they did! they are great people and it not seem like 34 years had past since we wre last together - we just picked up from the past.


Blogger real eyez said ... (8:53 AM) : 

I guess that is what made them such good friends long ago.


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