Friday, March 21, 2008

I Hate to say I told you so...

NEW CARS are WORTHLESS. All the "comfort features" make an automobile as I will NEVER pay 20,000 dollars again for an egg...screw that lemon thing...its an EGG.

Warranty expired 1000 miles of the three anyway...and according to Lithia the one we bought.

So...the damages are...the entire rear end of a less than 6 year old vehicle needs replaced...the damages possibly caused problems with the transmission the grand total would be close to 6000 to fix it I would guess...after the 2750 quote and them informing me there was no warranty even after telling us the day before there was I informed the General Manager of Lithia where he could put his GMC garbage...informed him I am going back to a FORD.

I refuse to pay them another dime...this is the second time Lithia has done this to us...and well this time they can keep their expensive crap as far as I am concerned I do not want to see the thing again...from here on out it will be one expensive problem after the computers age...they will die...I am NOT paying a computer 80 dollars and hour to diagnose my vehicle EVER again....

They also informed us that rigs this new need a 670 dollar service job every 30,000 miles or things like this happen...

So thank GOD my dog can pull a wagon...I always wanted to bike to Homer...good thing the trailer is already there I would need a few more dogs to pull it....

On that note...still got that Bronco dad????

Knew the Yukon could not hack the Yukon...and it did not even make it that far North!!

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Blogger Stan said ... (8:01 PM) : 

Wow, you said you were having car problems, but a whole new rear end. You can get a face lift cheaper than a rear end enhancment! I know crude, but I thought you could use a little humor about now! As in the medical profession, I would get a second opinion, especially since I know nothing about mechancis let alone computers inside of cars. I have never figured out how to blog from the computer that I have under the hood. What good is it if you cna't blog. The day is gone of the "backyard" mechanic, it now requires a "geek" with a pocket protector to check out an engine. I overhauled an engine once, actually twice but the first one did not count because Brother Tad was the brains behind that operation and the car never did run, well I take it back it did go about five miles befrore the new engine blew up! But, I did overhaul an engine on Adak, tore it down, replaced the parts, put it back in the car and it even worked. Of course, a straight six out of a Nash Rambler is pretty simple to work on. With the new engine, I could get up to almost 50 mph, but it didn't matter, the maximum speed limit on Adak was 35 mph so I had 15 in reserve. Good luck with the Suburban, I am sure it will work out. The Bronco still sits, almost undercovered from the snow until I plowed today. May be a few more weeks.


Blogger Shana said ... (9:35 AM) : 

Not too bummed yet...second opinion wont do any is toast! many "knee joints" on these new rigs to give us the comfortable ride we deserve....these joints break if "we drive the rig over terrain that is bumpy for too long"...That was a quote from the service I told him if a rig is 20,000 dollars and can NOT be driven on our roads that are full of frost heaves and pot holes...then I dont want their cheap crap!! What happened to quality to make a customer happy...not crap to make them spend more!...the principle here in NOT me losing my is the world selling us crap...and thinking we all have the finances to "just fix it" when it goes bad...When I sold products to people...I informed them of EVERYTHING that could go wrong...."Never leave your fresh fish on the kitchen counter...the cat will eat it and puke!


Blogger Stan said ... (1:29 PM) : 

Let's see, if my memory recalls the postings and pictures of a Sunday trip and blazing new trails across virgin territory where man had yet touched, water spraying over the top of the car during river crossngs, as well as the water flowing inside the car because someone left the gun turret open. Something about bogging down to the axles and being pulled out or being the tow vehicle to do the pulling out, my memory is faint on the subject. Is that the same Suburban that we are talking about? Is that the same road that was filled with pot holes that you referred to? :)


Blogger Nenos said ... (3:43 AM) : 

See here or here


Blogger RangerBill said ... (5:06 AM) : 

I hear you can borrow from the rear end to enhance the front end...


Blogger RangerBill said ... (5:07 AM) : 

I just checked in to let you know I am craving a peep, slow cooked over an open fire....


Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (9:18 AM) : 

Im thinking all car sales men and repair shops are all the same its not the type of vehicle your buying its the people running the show, and no the customer is not right, anymore. I have however found Alaska sales and service out here is not to bad of a place. I have not been screwed yet. Its all about the mighty dollar. Good luck in whatever you buy


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