Thursday, March 20, 2008

And it all began here.....

Quite the interesting map here...shows who fought for and who has controlled the Middle East from the time of King David to 1972...after the European Colonist took control of the holy lands...and did not stop there...we gained ground...we kept moving...until we occupied every continent on this globe...Unfortunatly to do this...many life styles and societies were "reformed' and are now gone or losing their "ancestral" back ground as the generations grow up and "forget" that they were once another society all together...for some this was improvement for others a loss...

Since I am not the one that was effected by this I can not say how any of them felt...but I can empathize on how I would feel if I spent 20 years raising a family with the morals of my society and then was told ALL the rules changed...I would wonder about my "roots". Where I came from and why my way of life is "bad" to others...I would feel displaced from the world if they took my "background" away...

So my question is this...It all started with "Holy Wars" people battling for the right to claim the land as "sacred". Is this still a Holy War? Are we still fighting on this soil to keep the past alive? Or are lives being lost and blood being shed to this day because of evil and good battling to the end?

My views on life differ from many, but I am going to guess many more feel the same way I do. We realize name calling and vandilism are NOT the answer. We realize death and destruction are NOT the answer...yet we also realize that man can not "talk". Someone has to be "right" all the time in any conversation humans get into.

It is my opinion and my faith that good will prevail over time. For now we are forced to sit and many of us can not go to battle...many of us would not go to battle. Many of us see human life as precious...even the bad guys. (Except it is hard to tell who they are not.)

Living in a country that offers "Freedom and Liberty to All." gives me privileges yes...but do I really want those privileges...the news holds nothing but negative information...the TV programs on today go against any of the morals of yesterday. My biggest problem with this is Freedom and Liberty to All...did not include the natives that occupied this land for centuries before the European colonist got bored over seas and made their way here...It does not include the "right to live", as many life styles of "living off the land" are non existent anymore...deemed a "poverty" way of life therefore "inferior" to the ones that chose to live in expensive 6 bedroom homes with in home theaters and one kid.

What would they think if....I chose to live off the land...yet my mattress was stuffed with the "Green God" we worship today...They would label me poor and unproductive...yet maybe I had millions stuffed in that mattress...I like a firm bed. It is my opinion that it takes us all to make it work...and someday...when the "grocery store" on the corner has prices too high...or no merchandise on the shelves...well then those that still know how to live off the land will be in need by the others who take it for granted that money will forever buy them happiness...

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Blogger Stan said ... (8:31 PM) : 

I see that you and the Plumma have the same friend.


Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (8:50 AM) : 

Hey Shana I will go and live off the land with you, I just think we should go some were warm and fertile! I can do prety good growing food, but we will need the dairy cow, anyone up for that job? I dont know how to make butter or cheese out of milk, darn it. But I know I have said before we need to start our little "Community" we could call it "Utopia" sounds good to me.


Blogger Heidi said ... (8:56 AM) : 

I am confused...maybe I didn't read correctly... whats it got to do with the tea in china?


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