Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bah Humbug!!!

Now I have heard it all....this world is doomed...doomed because the Easter Bunny has PMS!!
Doomed because the media cant identify "tacky" commercials from informational ones....
Doomed because man kind is always looking for the way to "buy" themselves out of actions they caused themselves.
Doomed because our lives are based around materialism! Buy,Buy,buy....then those warranties that mean cutting off an arm and mailing it to China for pickling before you package it with the astronomical shipping fees and the "small service fee"....could a bought a new one cheaper...and that is what they want us to we do it!!

Why have we allowed our world to come to this...what happened to the days people sat outside and talked in the evening....being friendly with the neighbors and enjoying human companionship...

Now for the controversial stuff....Communism...our government is not doing it...that would be wrong...but they are allowing our retail industry to abuse us and use us...all for a buck...or lots of bucks in their case! Why does our world have to revolve around money...power...and control?

Why cant our world live and let live. I can not believe I am the only person on this planet that can see a "Utopia"....I just think I am the only one that still has the faith in mankind to do what is right...but that faith is diminishing fast!

I would like to challenge EVERYONE that reads my blog...find your BIBLE...Dont have one?....Even Motels have a Bible...every home should. Open that book to the book of Mathews...scan it, gaze at it....but read parts of it...Laws! That is what this book is about...Laws for living in a "Utopia" on earth.

These Laws are amazingly just...payment for our actions against our neighbors...My guess is a few people were pissed that they got caught being bad...they did not want to pay for their crime...and thus..."the excuse system" was invented....Democracy.

Now I have watched the videos from Obamas religious icon and leader...if he can state on a whim...."Oh yes....jesus is talking to me now...Death to America"...why is he not being tried like the ten year old in Palmer that wrote "I hate boys" on the bathroom wall?

I will tell you why...he is using Jesus as a front...America is still afraid, even if they do not believe, that the ultimate power of Christ will retaliate we do not mess with Church figures who say Jesus talks to them....

Well here goes...think I am crazy...commit me to an institution if you would like...I could use the undisturbed sleep as well as the quite atmosphere...

Jesus Christ lives...he has lived on this earth in many forms over the years...he is part of everyone of us. Jesus Christ wants us to live in harmony with the world around us...Through Martin Luther King...he preached freedom and equality...although many of the colored race did not hear the words...they saw the benefits of being "discriminated against" and ran with them...enjoying the fact that they were still different from the Whites....the steps were made...things changed a little....a great man was killed (just like Jesus) before he had the chance to gather a group of followers that would lead this world into good over evil.

John him sing...his songs may sound like your average love the Beatles music...they take consequences for their own actions...their songs do not blame others for bad relationships and broken marriages...what I find most interesting is they always sing looking up...glancing toward the heavens as if they were singing a gospel....which is where they once began. Again a good man was slandered and prevent an army of good over evil.

Many more come to mind...Michael Landon, Mother Theresa, John Denver, Princess Dia...all working to "better our world" all missing from our world now...and their words are fading into oblivion...just like the words of Jesus Christ...

Jesus was a man...a very smart man...a humble man...a person who wandered around trying to get the world to see the truth...LOVE...COMPASSION...HUMBLENESS....this is the way to a Utopia...and yes father that Utopia will be seen on this earth someday....someday when politicians and retail giants crumble...when America sees they are not always right...many times the right thoughts...make the wrong actions...every human in this world is guilty of this...every country in the world is guilty of this...but...with some mind changes...this could change...

I just hope it happens while I am alive...I want to see Jesus Christ when he returns in his original form...I want to meet the smartest man that ever walked this earth...the humblest man that ever talked to another human...

And in the words of Obamas religious leader..."Jesus talks to me...he tells me to keep smiling...brush the negative thoughts out of my head...he tells me he will make this world better...and it will be sooner not later...our seven years to fix this problem are up in November...we will see a change...but it will not be due to American Politics"...those my friends are the words of Jesus in my heart...and I believe in what he stood for...PEACE ON EARTH as it is in the HEAVENS.........AMEN!!

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Blogger Golden Granny said ... (10:30 AM) : 

Hey Shana - Do you feel better now? I'm not one for reading long verbose material but by glancing thru your blog I could tell you were "expressing"! Good JOb - I guess :). Love you lots-
By the way where's my e-mail?


Blogger Stan said ... (10:51 AM) : 

Dear daughter, you have opened up a wide range of debatable issues, religion, democracy, communism, and capitalism. However, none of which I will argue to any great extent. Each of us have the "right" to practice our personal religion or not to practice it if we so choose, these were the rights that were granted to us by our creator, however, only protected in a demorcracy of the people and for the people. A democracy provides a wide array of rights and privledges. Even your words are protected. The blog that you just wrote is punishable in those countries where demorcracy does not exist. Communism, a form of government that is disappearing because the people wanted their rights and stood up. Look at China today and the lack of rights that their citizens have. Capitalism, we do not have to buy what the big merchants sell, we are the controling force but I for one enjoy having the opportunity to walk into a store and lay down the bucks for something that I want, however, I would prefer to see a few more made in USA labels. Religion, each of us must make this as a personal choice, again that is our right. I believe the "good book" says something about the fact that you do not have to follow me, just beleive in me. You cannot walk throughout the day without acknowledging the presense of the creator. A baby or perhaps something as simple as a flower surviving in a field of gravel. A flock of geese flying overhead, thousnads of miles of flight without any electronics yet man cannot go from one location to another without some type of guidance system. A King Salmon working his way up stream, returning to the river of his origin after being at sea for several years. Again, no GPS and a brain the size of a pea yet our navigators have to rely on charts and GPS to find the harbor. There are so many miracles that surround us that serve as constant reminders of the creator, we can pay our repsect for him in any manner we choose as long as we acknowledge him and live in a democracy that protects that right. How important is that democracy to me, anytime I question it, I look back at the hundreds of thousands of Iraqians that walked around with a "purple finger" indicating that they had voted for the first time in their lives, they had a choice and willing took the opportunity, despite the consequences that they may have faced. In the U.S. where we have always enjoyed that freedom, we take it for granted and the majority does not even take the time to vote, yet will be the first to be critical of who is elected or the policy of the government. The first step in a democracy of the people and for the people starts at the ballot box. The good old U.S.of A is not perfect, but after traveling around the world I have found no other place better to call "home".


Blogger Stan said ... (10:53 AM) : 

My verboseness made up for Golden Granny's brevity. I took the bait, she passed!


Blogger Shana said ... (11:52 AM) : 

It was not a all started with a PMS'ing Easter Bunny commercial put on by Wild Berry disappointment in this world...not just the USA....


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