Friday, March 13, 2009

Iditarod 2009...

Iditarod 2002 Martin Buser set the record for the fastest run from Wasilla to Nome. Doing this in just 8 days 22hours 46minutes and 2seconds. If Lance can make it into Nome by Sunday at midnight or right around there he will break that record. For now Lance has a full belly from the Five Star chef cooked meal the Millennium gifts to the first musher into Anvic. Mr Macky was well into his nap and half way into his mandatory 8 hour break on the Yukon River when King, Burmeister, and Schnuelle checked in and checked right back out again.

Leaving Anvic at 8:12 this evening he was in fourth place. Sometime tonight the others must stop for their mandatory 8 on the River...if Macky follows his past history and this race he will run through the night and make his next lengthy stop White Mountain, putting him at least 8 hours in the lead of the pack.

Watching this race for second third and fourth may be where we see the muzzle to muzzle finish, King and Burmeister keep jockeying for third and fourth and Shnuelle seems to be holding steady for second...

ok time for bed.....mush on to Nome....

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Blogger Stan said ... (12:51 AM) : 

I do believe that Mackey may have pulled a little trick on the other three by taking his 8 hour nap before the river. Now he can make a clean break on the river which is usually the fastest part of the race, with 16 dogs compared to their smaller teams, I would guess they are going to be eating a lot of snow dust. Although,the other three had not choice other than to get ahead of him when they had a chance. They can't sit back and run with him.


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